Expert Services for Insurance Companies

The regulatory environment can be difficult to navigate for all of our clients, but we know it raises particular challenges for those in the insurance sector.

Between third-party involvement, and risk and claims management, we understand that the services you need to support your business operations and to make claim-related decisions must go beyond just technical environmental and engineering advice. We take pride in being responsive. Our services range from fast-track source removal to implementation of more complex, multi-faceted remedial solutions. We offer same-day response to our insurance clients – often mobilizing to a project within hours of an initial call – because our goal is to become your trusted advisor.

We offer implementation of fast-track source removal to complex remedial solutions, with an eye on the goal of project closure.

Claims Review

We use our technical experience to help you evaluate claims and determine whether costs are appropriate and allocated properly. We have supported our Insurance clients with:

  • Cause and origin investigations
  • Forensic investigations 
  • Subrogation (reasonable and customary)
  • Expert witness technical support and testimony
  • Damage calculations
  • Emerging contaminants expertise
  • Takeover agreements

Environmental Education and Online Training

We regularly work with our Fortune 100 Insurance company clients to develop and deliver in-house professional education training. We’ve developed courses to assist with common insurance claims including:

  • Oil spill response
  • Dry cleaner release
  • Hydrogeological principles
  • Common geotechnical issues in New England
  • Geotechnical Investigations and foundation design
  • Evaluating common remedial technologies
  • Emerging contaminants

No Challenge too Small

We work with our clients on projects ranging from small fast-track source removal to more complex, long-term, multi-faceted remedial solutions. GeoInsight is committed to providing the same high-level service to projects large and small.

Featured Services

  • Due diligence 
  • Site assessments and subsurface investigation
  • Peer review of third-party reports
  • Evaluate applicability of regulatory requirements
  • Risk assessment 
  • Third-party negotiations during property ownership transfers
  • Emerging contaminants 
  • Remediation and remedial cost estimates