Unique Challenges Require Intelligent Solutions

Particularly today, there are unique challenges faced by higher educational facilities to manage environmental, health, and safety compliance. We offer a full-service approach to permitting, planning, auditing, reporting, and tracking associated with air emissions, wastewater, stormwater, chemical use, hazardous waste, and laboratory safety. We understand the challenges to higher educational institutions require experience, time, and a strong understanding of local, state, and federal regulations. We have been fortunate to be selected to partner with a number of key New England institutions. Let us help you by delivering strategic, targeted support in this complex and ever-changing regulatory arena.

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We can deliver strategic, full-service support tailored to educational institutions throughout New England.

New Construction

Today, with issues around COVID-19 and changing student expectations and needs, higher educational institutions are going to be asked to consider new and innovative building designs. For new construction projects, our experience can assist your development team with pre-planning and project sequencing, so that unforeseen environmental or geotechnical conditions are fully understood prior to breaking ground and do not delay projects. We can also evaluate your water supply and water management needs to support your new construction.

Renovation and Demolition

When considering renovation or demolition, it is important to note that many university buildings may contain hazardous building materials. Our expertise in building surveys and pre-planning can help you have the data you need to assess whether these are present, estimate cost, and schedule abatement activities. 

Featured Services

  • Due diligence
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Water quality engineering
  • Compliance auditing
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Hazardous building materials management
  • Air quality
  • Health and safety
  • Water supply and water resources