Water Supply

Navigating the Complexity of Permitting

Source water permitting is complex and requires technical expertise and the ability to navigate intricate local and state regulations with various regulators and stakeholders. We rely on a straight-forward approach to communicating complex technical information to give you clarity and confidence, especially when negotiating approaches with regulators on water supply permitting projects. Our expertise and experience helps us bridge concerns from various stakeholders and build consensus between our clients, regulators, members of the public and other interested parties.

Source Water Protection

We understand it is better to protect an existing water supply than to have to remediate an impaired supply or look for a new one. We work with towns and municipalities to develop and revise aquifer protection ordinances and to complete peer-reviews of development project plans for critical water resource areas.

Developing New Water Sources

When your water supply requires increased or supplemental capacity, we help to site, install and permit supply wells. Our team includes source development geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers focused on the technical challenges unique to water supply development.

Project Planning and Permitting

We are well versed in evaluating the potential for your development project to impact nearby water resources. Our team has had proven success identifying and explaining risks, developing effective and efficient protection strategies and communicating these strategies to decision makers. We have successfully negotiated permits associated with source development, watershed and wellhead protection, and discharges to aquifers and surface water with agencies across New England.

Funding Assistance

We leverage our experience and relationships with local and state regulators to help applicants prepare applications and obtain funding to bring water supply development projects from permitting and design, through construction and production and to meet ongoing regulatory requirements. We understand the applicability criteria and deadlines for each program and commonly combine programs together to develop a comprehensive funding strategy.