Water Resources

Managing Water Poses Challenges

We know water resource challenges arise in a number of large and small ways on your projects. From evaluating the impact of development on existing resources, to developing an alternate water source for your business or an additional source to meet existing demand, to engineering and maintaining stormwater and wastewater infrastructure, our goal is to provide you with the expertise you need to understand the science, engineering, and permitting complexities to generate successful project outcomes.

At GeoInsight, our experience serving diverse industry sectors provides unique value when it comes to water resource challenges. Our source development geologists/hydrogeologists are technical experts who work side-by-side with professional engineers with modeling and design experience and with staff focused on permitting/permit compliance. This full-service, team approach to water resource challenges allows us to provide you with personalized service on a wide variety of complicated water resource projects.

At GeoInsight, we approach complex water quality challenges with a full-service team and a depth of technical experience.

Strong Regulatory Reputation

We have decades of experience focused in New England. That means we know the regulatory requirements, regulators, and the technical challenges unique to the region. Our commitment to great relationships, quality work, and strategic thinking has earned us a strong reputation within the local, state, and federal agencies responsible for managing water resources.

Consensus Builders

We are committed to bringing stakeholders together on complex projects. We are known among regulators and our clients for our ability to be able to find a common ground among disparate parties. Our goal is to help you get your project designed, permitted, and built efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Diverse Development Experience

We support water resource projects for a broad range of clients – from supermarkets to gasoline fueling facilities, from waste transfer stations to municipal institutions. Let us show you the difference we can make when we draw from our diverse experience and apply it to personal service can make on your project. 


  • Water Supply

    We help identify, permit and protect water sources for our municipal and private clients. Additionally, we understand which funding programs may be available for your project and can help you process the application if funding is available.

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  • Modeling

    Advanced modeling methods have made it easier to understand groundwater/surface water interactions and forecast future impacts of development on these resources. We use modeling to help predict water supply impacts and identify areas that require regular monitoring and protection.  

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