Risk Assessment

Quantifying and Managing Your On-Site Risks

Environmental regulations require evaluating potential risks from contaminated soil, groundwater, and other media to human and ecological receptors. We understand the need for representative, high-quality, defensible data that help identify current and future risks and potential liabilities. Our goal is to help you consider the routes of exposure and receptors specific to your site and how they might be affected by property uses and/or development. Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, we are committed to help you understand the technical challenges these potential risks pose and identify ways to mitigate risk and achieve project closure.

GeoInsight’s experience working across diverse markets helps us identify practical, creative, and strategic approaches to help reduce the cost of investigation, risk assessment and remediation and meet closure requirements for your project.

Screening Risk Characterization

We use screening risk characterizations as quick, simple and cost-effective tools to consider general site conditions and identify potential risks. Often, a screening-level risk assessment allows us to provide you with important initial guidance when evaluating your development/redevelopment options.

Site-Specific Risk Assessments

When a project requires a risk assessment that incorporates site-specific detail, we use our internal risk assessment expertise to strategically design a comprehensive assessment with an emphasis on collecting representative, defensible, high-quality data at each stage of the investigation. We assist you in understanding the areas of impacts, exposure routes, and potential receptors specific to your site and how these can be minimized to generate a successful project outcome and achieve project closure.

Imminent Hazard Evaluations

Regulatory programs often identify situations that trigger the need for completing an Imminent Hazard Evaluation (or equivalent). If these triggers are met on your project, we can help you evaluate the most appropriate steps to eliminate existing risks to human health, safety, and/or the environment.

Identifying Cleanup Levels

We understand that each project is unique. Our experience working across diverse markets helps us recognize when established regulatory standards may not be the best fit for a project and when establishing site-specific risk-based standards may be more cost-effective or more supportive of the site use/redevelopment. We work with our clients and communicate environmental and risk-based data in a manner that can help you feel confident that you are taking the right approach in identifying remediation goals and cleanup methods for your project.