Site Investigation

Evaluating Your Site
From the Ground Up

We understand that site characterization is a critical first step in determining the future of your property and the success of your project. During each site investigation, we consider the unique combination of regulations, risks, and physical limitations that may come into play for that particular project. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality data that you can rely on to confidently make informed decisions.

Our experience allows us to evaluate “tried-and-true” approaches, as well as innovative site investigation techniques to help you reduce the cost of your site investigation and achieve the goals for each project.

We are committed to considering each project's unique combination of regulations, risks, and logistics.

An Historical

We take the time necessary to research the historical and current uses of your property to better understand known or potential impacts to environmental media including soil, groundwater, drinking water, surface water, sediments, and air. With this understanding, we can better help you understand the complexities of your project.

A Reliance
on Data

We work with our clients to select the right analyses and sampling techniques to generate data that you can rely on to make informed decisions about future re-use and development, or remediation. We rely on data evaluation and graphical representations of information to communicate environmental data in a manner that can help you feel confident in your understanding of complex technical information.

Begin with the
End in Mind

We believe that establishing a well thought out strategy is the way to start a project. GeoInsight brings its decades of experience in geology, hydrogeology, risk assessment, and remedial engineering to collect the best and most actionable data at each step in the site assessment process. We keep your objectives and closure in mind throughout the lifespan of each project.


  • Due Diligence

    During acquisitions and divestitures, we provide buyers, investors, or third parties with information regarding existing environmental conditions related to a potential transaction. We bring our experience to help you understand and quantify potential liabilities and/or avoid future claims. Frequently, we combine traditional environmental due diligence support with our geotechnical engineering and our compliance/EHS services to provide you with the support you need to make informed decisions for your business.

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  • Risk Assessment

    We can help you understand the factors that suggest whether human or ecological risk may be present at your property through a comprehensive assessment. With high-quality data in hand, we use our internal risk assessment expertise to help you evaluate approaches to site re-use and redevelopment that can mitigate risk and ultimately achieve project closure.

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  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment

    The presence of contamination in soil and shallow groundwater increases the potential for vapor intrusion into buildings. Our experience can help you understand the potential for contamination on your site to result in a vapor intrusion risk. If this risk is identified, we also have the remediation and engineering expertise to help you mitigate this potential route of exposure.

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  • Emerging Contaminants

    Our staff have a solid understanding of the occurrence, chemistry, fate/transport and unique sampling, analytical and data validation requirements of emerging contaminants including 1,4-dioxane and PFAS. We can help you understand the evolving regulatory landscape and implement practical, strategic solutions when emerging contaminants are a concern on your site.

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  • Subsurface Investigation

    We have experience applying tried-and-true as well as innovative subsurface investigation approaches to determine what contaminants are on your property, where they could migrate, and to help collect reliable data to evaluate strategies for remediation. Our goal is to find the right balance between understanding site complexities and your cost, time and business challenges.

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