Service Design & Implementation

The Best Path Forward

At GeoInsight, we design, construct, and operate a variety of remediation systems to solve multi-media environmental impacts. Whether your site is a fast-tracked residential or commercial oil spill or you represent a responsible party for a state or federally-led Superfund site, and regardless of what step in your remedial implementation we are involved in – from implementation on a design/build basis, preparing comprehensive plans and specifications for bidding purposes to remedial contractors, or stepping in after construction to take over long-term operation and maintenance, we will help you find the most efficient and cost-effective path for your project.

We have experience with a multitude of technologies in a wide variety of settings and we are committed to the professional development of our staff. This means that our technical capabilities continually evolve as new and innovative remedial solutions enter the marketplace. We do not have a vested interest in any particular remedial approach, technology or vendor, which means our recommendations are not limited or biased. Our goal is to design, construct, and operate best-fit solutions that are right for you, your project and your business.

Defining Design Objectives

We work with you to determine your objectives and then to gather the information needed to design and implement the best possible solution. We can also be your liaison helping to prepare design plans and specifications, evaluate bids, select the right remedial contractor(s) and communicate with them throughout design implementation.

Full Service Implementation

Whether you begin your remediation with GeoInsight and we take care of the design, permitting, construction observation and implementation of the remedial solution or you reach out to us to help you when you are partially through the process, our commitment is to help you increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Start Up and Shake-Down

Once your remediation system is up and running, we can check and analyze the system components to confirm it is operating as designed, the fail-safes are functioning, the components are responding to manual and automated controls and the remote monitoring communications are functioning.

Operation and Maintenance

Once a system is operational, we can perform on-going operations and maintenance efforts to continue to confirm that the remedial strategy remains on target. Our goal is to monitor and reevaluate site conditions and suitability of the selected technology, always with our eye on optimizing cost and performance for you.