Litigation Support

The Technical Expert

Successful litigation, mediation and negotiation often hinge on strong conceptual site models and a thorough understanding of the data and technical aspects of a project. It’s our job to help you and your legal team understand and best represent the critical technical aspects of a matter so that you can effectively strategize the best legal position for your case. We know from experience that a great relationship between the technical and legal teams can often lead to settlements before expensive litigation costs are incurred.

We have strong working relationships with legal firms throughout New England. We have supported litigation on a range of small to very large projects. We have been involved in all aspects of litigation support from behind the scenes work to facilitate expedited settlement or assist with discovery, to preparation of expert disclosures and pre-trial motions, to being put in the “hot seat” providing deposition and trial testimony as expert witnesses ourselves.

Our reputation is built on our attention to detail, high-quality technical expertise, professionalism, listening skills, and our ability to communicate complex information in a straight-forward way.

Built on Technical Expertise

Whether your litigation, mediation and/or negotiation requires sophisticated modeling, a strong practiced expert, or a team with demonstrated success digging through and making sense of years of complex data, we can pull together the right group, with the right experience – right here in New England. 

Expert Opinions

We develop and prepare expert reports that present factual information including reviews of compliance with applicable regulations, codes, guidelines, contracts, policies, specifications, protocols, and standards of care. Our technical staff is passionate about seeking continued professional development and maintaining exposure to state-of-the-art techniques relevant to our work. We present our expert technical opinions in a logical format that states the issue and background, what activities we performed to render the opinions, and conclusions that support our opinions. Our expert documents are written in clear, concise, and unambiguous language that can help you and your legal team have confidence in the overall strategy. 

Behind the Scenes Strategy

We regularly assist legal teams as they develop questions for opposing experts – always with our focus on the overall strategy for the case. We also support you and your legal team with the technical information you need to respond to interrogatories and cross-examination developed by opposing counsel.