Forensic Investigation

In Our Professional Opinion

As a multidisciplinary environmental and engineering firm, we have staff with deep expertise that lends itself to supporting forensic investigation. Through this “deeper dive” into data on your project, we can more thoroughly evaluate the timeline of events, their relation and significance, and gain an understanding of current conditions and potential future conditions. Our experience allows us to instinctively know where to look and what to focus on, which results in more cost-effective assistance.

We know that forensic analysis can be a cornerstone to success in negotiation and/or litigation. But our experts know that the communication of complex information is just as critical as the analyses. Our staff have the expertise you can rely on to complete and apply forensics when appropriate and experience communicating our work in a clear and straightforward way to you and your team.

It Always Begins with Data

At GeoInsight, we know the value of good data. We emphasize strategic data collection at all stages of a project – from designing a sampling program that will result in data that represent site conditions, to selecting the right analyses that will allow the forensic evaluation needed to meet your project objectives, to implementing the right field procedures and completing the right data validation effort once data are received back from the lab, to describing our findings and conclusions in clear, expressive reports, tables and figures. Data form the foundation of our standard high-quality deliverables, and they are the key to completing the “deeper dive” analyses required to support forensic investigations.

Cause and Origin

GeoInsight has worked directly for insurance companies, attorneys and property owners on a variety of types of cause and origin evaluations and investigations – from small and straightforward to large and complex. We have a proven track record of looking beyond the obvious and working as a team of experts to understand both the details and the whole picture. 

Damage Calculations

Our experience with environmental investigation and remediation, erosion from surface water, water intrusion into structures, foundation stability, and general sitework construction gives us the ability to help you understand the financial implications associated with damages to your property from other parties, and short and long-term mitigation efforts.  GeoInsight has intimate familiarity with a number of cost estimating resources, as well as our own experience, to develop defensible opinions of cost.  We commonly develop reserve/escrow estimates for our clients for a variety of environmental, civil engineering and geotechnical projects.