Expert Services

Your Strategic Advantage

Litigation, claim, mediation, and negotiation situations require experts that understand the complex nuances that can drive stakeholders and influence decisions. We have a proven track record of effectively relying on our understanding of complex site conditions and regulatory applicability, and our experience identifying key defensible data to strategize the strongest approach for our clients at every turn in the process.

GeoInsight has been consistently recognized for our ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in legal or regulatory matters. We regularly provide expert services to plaintiffs or defendants and keep a focus on your position and objectives while preparing our opinions. Our staff are known for our ability to efficiently sort through and evaluate considerably large data sets, identify crucial aspects, arrive at conclusions, and communicate complex technical information in a straight-forward way with clarity and transparency.

Our professionals are known for being able to clearly articulate complex technical information in various settings.

An Emphasis on Critical Thinking

We are committed to understanding the big picture and thoughtfully developing professional and defensible positions for our clients. We recognize that there are usually multiple possible approaches to presenting your case. Our goal is to help you consider each, identify potential data gaps and how to close these, and devise contingency plans to best help you and your team respond.  

Diverse Experience

GeoInsight has many technical experts with decades of experience in litigation, mediation, assessment of claims, and regulatory negotiation. We provide a broad group of services to a diverse range of clients. This has provided us with experience in the technical, regulatory, legal, and insurability aspects of a variety of projects and situations. We use these experiences to help our clients strategically pursue or counter complaints and adjust to changing scenarios when necessary.

Decades of Regulatory Experience

At GeoInsight, we are focused on New England. We have worked alongside regulators as regulations were developed and evolved. We understand how regulations have been interpreted in context and can help you predict how these regulations can impact your project. We also have our “ear to the ground” and know when regulatory (or legislative) changes are pending and can help you understand what may be coming and how you may be impacted.


  • Forensic Investigation

    With expertise comes the understanding of how much data can tell us. Our experts work together to look critically at a wide variety of technical data and are trained to look critically at the assumptions that underlie those data. We go beyond the obvious to evaluate release or failure histories, differentiate causes and sources, and identify timing, types and amounts of releases for our clients. 

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  • Litigation Support

    If you’ve ever had a project that has involved legal proceedings, you know that there is a great deal of preparation and strategizing necessary between your internal and/or external counsel and your technical team. We are routinely recommended by attorneys and asked by our clients to provide technical information necessary to help develop strategy, assist in liability allocation, complete third-party evaluation of other consultants’ work and provide support on other legal challenges.

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  • Public Presentations

    Whether presenting a project during multiple meetings with a local town planning board, coordinating and leading a public presentation in compliance with a Public Involvement Plan under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (or MCP), or fielding questions from members of the public on a proposed development, our team of experts can help you make the best of these opportunities to build relationships with various stakeholders and generate project support.
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