Geotechnical Engineering

Practical, Reliable and Strategic

At GeoInsight, our familiarity with the complex subsurface conditions common to New England and our use of engineering principles to account for the physical conditions specific to each project result in practical and reliable solutions that you can count on to meet your objectives. We are keenly aware that unforeseen subsurface conditions can derail a project. We are well known for our thorough investigation approach that addresses expected subsurface conditions, reflects our local experience, is sensitive to your end goal and offers a practical and effective planning style.

Our engineers and scientists work together and draw on versatile experience developed from working with clients from diverse industry sectors to deliver practical, cost-efficient solutions. Our team approach can also provide you with concurrent services, simultaneously managing your geotechnical and environmental engineering needs and can often save you time and money.

New England Focused

GeoInsight is a New England firm. That means that the engineers on your project likely already have had experience in the vicinity of your site. We know the challenges unique to New England, from uncontrolled historical fill to sensitive clay environments to shallow bedrock. Because of this familiarity, we have developed a strong intuition about the subsurface conditions likely to be encountered, and we understand the most effective investigation methods and likely geotechnical solutions that will be necessary for the project.

Multi-Disciplined Means Versatility

Our diverse industry experience means our geotechnical engineers are versatile and have worked on projects for various clients and industry sectors.  Our engineers are not “pigeonholed” into narrow engineering tasks. As a result, we are able to implement a small-team approach to your projects, while still drawing from a wide-range of experiences and technical expertise.


Our geotechnical projects range in size from small residential projects to large projects like new residential, commercial, retail or industrial developments, public/private schools, expansions at manufacturing facilities, fuel storage facilities and landfills. We thrive on the challenges that come along with geotechnical exploration with conditions ranging from simple to complex.


We have considerable experience with building foundation design and construction.  Our project experience includes investigation and design for projects ranging from individual residences to multi-story buildings, bridges, and everything in between – which lets us select the most appropriate foundation solution for each project, whether conventional soil-supported shallow foundations or deep foundations and ground improvement methods.