Supporting your Project with the End in Mind

We represent your best interests by thinking ahead and focusing on understanding the details critical in construction. Our goal is to use our construction site experience to propose and deliver timely, practical solutions that work for your project, giving you confidence that you are on solid footing as you move through construction.

We have worked at various construction sites across New England – from development projects to implementation of environmental remediation systems. Through this work, we have developed working relationships with a variety of contractors under a wide range of conditions. This experience allows us to anticipate challenges before they arrive and creatively plan custom solutions that keep your project construction on time and on budget.

Planning, Development, & Management

We use a practical, experienced approach to construction project planning that minimizes delays, controls costs, and limits change orders. We can help you:

  • Prepare and review bid packages 
  • Prepare and/or review of technical specifications and project drawings
  • Develop contract language  
  • Identify qualified contractors  
  • Prepare bid advertisements 
  • Lead pre-bid meetings 
  • Manage the bid process
  • Compile and present bid comparisons

Construction Work Plan Review

We often provide construction work plan reviews for our clients, always with an eye on: 

  • Quality control
  • Communication
  • Up-front risk management
  • Environmental issues
  • Health and safety
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Fast-track construction sequencing with multiple trades
  • Results-based specifications and contract language
  • Recycling and reuse of construction materials
  • Field engineering responsibilities
  • Long-term operations and maintenance

Construction Observation

We know you need to trust our eyes and ears in the field during construction. Our goal is to focus on your interests and resources during construction, saving you from costly or timely mistakes through:

  • Positive relationships with contractors 
  • Examination of site conditions and construction procedures
  • Assessment and approval of construction materials
  • Bearing surface examination and confirmation
  • Compaction inspection and testing of structural fill installation
  • Real-time vibration monitoring for sensitive structures
  • Sustainability

Leading with LEED

We know that sustainable design and construction practices are often elements required in your construction plans. Our LEED®-accredited engineers and staff think creatively about material use and reuse including:

  • Designing for minimal off-site disposal
  • Recycling and reuse of on-site construction materials
  • Using beneficial use products (like remediated or low-level impacted soils) – including applying for and obtaining Beneficial Use Determinations in Massachusetts
  • Implementing low impact design (LID) practices wherever possible