A Big Picture Approach to the Details

As a multi-discipline firm, engineering intertwines with and supports all of our other services. The breadth of our experience from our broad range of clients, sectors, and projects allows us to keep the big picture in mind, even as we are deep in the details in our engineering design.

At GeoInsight, developing strong relationships is the foundation of our business. From the beginning, we listen to you, our client, so that our designs reflect your vision. Our reputation for careful and considered design, facilitates streamlined approval of permits at the local, state, and federal levels. This approach translates into repeat business with loyal clients.

We are committed to listening to you, our client, so that our designs reflect your vision and meet your schedule and budget.

Beyond Engineering Excellence

Like many firms, we have licensed professional engineers with decades of technical experience. But what makes us stand out is our ability to integrate our engineering services with our other service lines. We can anticipate challenges on your project before they happen because we have multiple experts working closely together to avoid wrong turns in the maze of project design, permitting, and construction. This team approach helps keep our clients ahead of the curve, and often provides both monetary and time savings.

Versatility Breeds Creativity

Our broad range of projects and clients is testament to our versatility. We routinely balance challenges on projects ranging from small residential engineering sites to large complex, multifaceted new developments, and brownfield redevelopments. We are committed to maintaining a balance between “tried and true” and innovative engineering approaches – to design the right solution for your project.

Our Passion is our Differentiator

At GeoInsight, we are committed to investing in the professional development of our staff. Our engineers regularly review engineering journals, technical engineering documents and code updates, attend and participate in seminars, and present at conferences. Our passion for engineering means you will work with people who love what they do, are up-to-date on the most advanced engineering solutions, and who will provide you with the right solution for your project.


  • Geotechnical Engineering

    GeoInsight’s staff has provided practical geotechnical consulting services throughout New England for more than twenty years and at thousands of different sites – large and small. We believe that good engineering judgement is at the core of a successful geotechnical engineering project. We take pride in our ability to combine our expertise in subsurface investigation and interpretation of a wide variety of subsurface and site conditions with our informed engineering judgement to develop solutions that you can implement with confidence.

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  • Civil Engineering

    Our engineers provide designs that are operationally practical and environmentally sensitive. We can guide you through the challenges of land development planning, design, and permitting, as a confident and knowledgeable member of your team.  The end result is a well-conceived approach to making your project objectives a reality.

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  • Construction Engineering

    Once your project is designed, we can bring our experience to help you minimize delays, control costs, and limit change orders. You can rely on our experience and let us be your “eyes on the ground” throughout the construction phase of your project.

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  • Water Quality Engineering

    Our multifaceted water supply experience spans from planning to exploration and modeling to ongoing compliance support. Our water quality engineering expertise also includes full-service, team approach to stormwater management and wastewater engineering and management.

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