Health & Safety

Safety that Works for Your Business

There are many challenges to developing and implementing safety programs that are compliant, straightforward and work with and for your people and your facility. We know how hard it is to balance the time, resources and various expertise of your staff with the logistical constraints and limitations of your facility and your business objectives and budgets.

GeoInsight can provide you with the insights, tools and support you need to improve and maintain safety excellence. Our goal is to add value – to bring our specialized expertise to complement and enhance your existing facility management team. We serve clients across a diverse variety of industries in New England. This allows us to bring out-of-the-box thinking to your business. We have a proven track record of modifying best practices from one industry to work effectively in others; we strive to develop and implement creative solutions that work.

A Culture of Safety

Safety programs serve no purpose when “shelved” on a bookcase. We strive to facilitate effective day-to-day implementation of safety programs and procedures through customized on-site training. Our hands-on training sessions are designed to be clear, straightforward, and accessible and help develop and maintain a culture of safety in your facility. We can also work with you to create training programs that you or your team can implement directly.

Program Development

Whether you need us to develop safety solutions and programs at a single facility or across multiple facilities and programs, we will work with you to design effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) that reflect your company culture. Our goal is to develop SOPs that you and your team can understand and execute.

Facility Safety Audit

We can conduct independent reviews of your facility operations to determine your level of compliance with current OSHA regulations. Once we’ve completed an audit, we will work with you to create a concise and usable report that highlights areas of compliance, prioritizes areas that need improvement, completes root-cause analyses and can be submitted to management and/or shared with other facilities and agencies.