Hazardous Materials Mgmt

An Ounce of Prevention

Whether for operations or general maintenance, we know that your approach to managing hazardous materials is important to increase safety, avoid penalties and fines, and improve efficiency and profitability. We draw on experiences developed through our diverse portfolio of clients and projects to create practical management plans and training programs for your facility and establish best management practices, minimize mishandling, decrease waste, and avoid violations. Let us show you how teaming with GeoInsight can provide you with comprehensive EHS services, including hazardous waste management – whether you support manufacturing and commercial facilities, institutions, or public agencies.

Chemical Inventory Management

We can assist you in developing chemical inventories, selecting an inventory tracking system that works for your facility, evaluating safe and secure storage requirements, reducing over purchasing, minimizing waste, and meeting fire code restrictions.  Our team can work with your inventory program and train your staff on best management practices. Our team of experts can also help your facility select greener options for your chemical inventory to help reduce risk to your employees and the environment.

EPCRA Reporting

We assist our clients with the requirements of Section 311 and Section 312 Tier II of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) and can help you identify the chemicals present on-site at or above reporting thresholds and help you stay in compliance with the appropriate documentation for these chemicals.

Materials Training and Management

We train facility staff in the appropriate steps to identify, manage, handle, store and transport, flammable and combustible materials and universal and hazardous waste. We know improvements in these areas can minimize spills and reporting conditions and increase safety at your facility.