Compliance Auditing

Tailored to Your Business

Compliance audits provide businesses with insight into EHS regulatory requirements and identify areas of non-compliance. When we perform a compliance audit, we design an approach that is specific to your facility and your facility’s unique needs.

Our staff have completed compliance audits for a diverse range of clients and industry sectors. When you choose to team with us for your audit, we will select an experienced senior auditor for your facility that is familiar with your industry. We will conduct an independent review of your facility’s operations to identify the EHS regulatory requirements that apply, and we will evaluate your current compliance with these regulations. We will compile our findings in a concise technical report and/or compliance matrix that summarizes applicable regulatory citations or programs, describes findings, and proposes specific modification recommendations. We will help you to prioritize these findings, allowing you to address the most business-critical compliance issues first.

Beyond Meeting Regulations

Our strategic approach to compliance audits means we go beyond evaluating your operation and evaluate compliancy with applicable federal, state, and/or local regulations. We can also help you analyze and understand the implications of permit requirements on your ability to change or grow your facility.  When these may be limiting, we can help you improve chemical use efficiency; recirculate, reuse, or recycle your waste streams; replace the chemicals you use with less regulated alternatives; and negotiate favorable, flexible permit terms, and identify opportunities to modify your permit requirements.

A Result You Can Use

Our compliance audit results can be used to support future financial bonds, develop EHS program annual budgets, review liability and evaluate risks with new acquisitions, and/or inform and communicate with your investors.

Long-term Tools

We know that accessible, usable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are necessary to help you and your team maintain long-term compliance, consistency, and efficiency – especially after an audit, unanticipated regulatory inspection, or internal review of facility operations. 

Our expertise with diverse clients and industry sectors, combined with our strategic approach and our commitment to listen and reflect your facility-specific needs, helps us best support you. Whether we need to develop SOPs that address specific compliance challenges for an individual facility or generate SOPs that can be universally applied to multiple facilities in multiple states, or both, we can develop a management program that is custom designed to work with and for your employees, within your employee culture and throughout your operation.  

Our Flexible Approach

Our auditing services include:

  • Comprehensive EHS assessments
  • Regulatory compliance auditing and program applicability determination
  • Compliance reviews in support of financial bonding
  • ISO 14000 third-party compliance review
  • Safety program reviews
  • Process safety management system program review
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (Toxic Release Inventory and Tier II) data reviews
  • Contingency planning reviews 
  • Pre-permitting strategy development
  • Operation and/or project specific compliance applicability reviews
  • Topic-specific compliance audits
  • Emissions compliance review
  • Hazardous materials management assessments
  • Environmental management system audits, and
  • Technical regulatory support during enforcement actions