Building Hazardous Materials Mgmt

Reducing Risk

Knowing what hazardous building materials are associated with your facility and how to manage these is critical. Estimating your financial liability and managing hazardous building materials properly during renovation or demolition requires knowing what to look for and how to estimate the costs associated with these issues. Our engineers and scientists work collaboratively to create practical management plans that can be used to support financial planning, minimize waste volumes and prevent costly violations. Whether you represent manufacturing, a commercial entity, institution, or public agency, we can support management of your facility’s hazardous building materials, including asbestos, lead paint and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Toxic Substance Control Act Compliance (TSCA)

Our experience interpreting and applying TSCA regulations can make a real difference when you are dealing with PCB wastes associated with site investigation, remediation, demolition, and construction projects. Whether you are addressing a small spill from a transformer, removing impacted soils along railroad beds, or remediating contaminated soils at a Superfund site, we can identify practical, cost-effective, TSCA-compliant solutions. We have also developed TSCA-regulated Self-Implementing Cleanup Plans and PCB performance and risk-based remediation projects.

Developing Solutions That Fit Your Facility

Our experts can help develop a hazardous materials management solution that addresses the unique challenges you face at your facility. In addition to our commitment to developing a strong relationship with you, our client, our compliance staff includes professional civil, environmental, and chemical engineers, with significant experience working with utilities, municipalities, and regulatory authorities. Let us show you the difference our commitment to relationships can have on successful compliance service delivery.