The Benefit of Compliance

Proactive environmental, health, and safety compliance management reduces business risk. However, we know that maintaining compliance can be time-consuming and require a breath of expertise that may be difficult to maintain in-house.

Our team of regulatory experts can assist you with developing, reviewing, auditing, implementing, and improving a full-range of compliance management programs to meet environmental, health, and safety regulations, as well as your corporate standards. Our goal is to be an extension of your team, offering a highly responsive, clearly thought-out, experienced approach to solving business-sensitive compliance issues.

We know that with the right consultant as your partner, compliance can be a factor in improving your business.

Strategic Compliance Support

We help you understand how to comply with the environmental, health, and safety regulations, policies, and programs that impact your operations. We bring experience drawn from working with a diverse group of clients to help you develop a program that works with your business and protects you against exposure and liability.

Here When You Need Us

EHS Compliance requires understanding of a vast collection of federal and state regulations. We know managing the data and details required for EHS Compliance reporting can be tedious and time consuming. When reporting deadlines are looming, pulling it all together can be overwhelming. Our team of experts help compliment your internal team. Our goal is to deliver strategic, targeted compliance support – as little or as much as you need.

Strong Regulatory Relationships

Our longstanding relationships with regulators and our history of successful compliance program development and implementation help us navigate, negotiate, and resolve even the most challenging situations. Whether you choose to partner with us every step of the way or need us to step into a tough situation and negotiate a solution, our goal is to leverage these relationships for your business. 


  • Compliance Auditing

    Our experienced auditors are familiar with complex EHS issues in a variety of operational settings. When we join your team, we bring that diversified experience with us, allowing us to better help you identify applicable regulations and develop procedures and plans that meet expectations and work for your business.

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  • Program Development

    We understand that each of your facilities faces various compliance issues and that not every facility has the same resources, staff, and experience. We can help your organization increase efficiency and organization by developing tailored programs and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that can be rolled out across multiple facilities to ensure long-term proper management of EHS Compliance.

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  • Hazardous Materials Management

    Managing hazardous materials properly is key to the safety of your personnel and is a critical component of compliance. Proper handling, transport, and storage can control costly spills and violations. Often, our independent evaluation of your current management practices can identify unique solutions that include source minimization and waste reduction alternatives that can impact your bottom line. 

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  • Building Hazardous Materials Management

    From PCBs to asbestos, we can help you identify common hazardous building materials that may be present in your facilities. Whether you are undertaking a renovation, a new acquisition, or a demolition project, we can help you develop strategic management plans to ensure you understand and comply with applicable environmental and human health regulations.

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  • Air Quality and Modeling

    We have provided air quality and modeling support to a diverse range of industries – from institutions like schools and hospitals to the waste sector to manufacturing. Whether you are designing a new facility, expanding an existing one, or changing your operations, we know how important it is to work closely with your internal team to generate accurate modeling and develop management methods that achieve your business objectives and maintain federal and state compliance.

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  • Health & Safety

    At GeoInsight, we understand that there are many challenges to developing and implementing safety programs that are compliant but also straightforward and easily implemented. We assist industrial, private, and institutional facilities with safety program development, compliance assistance and auditing, and training programs.

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