Peter Frank, P.G.

Peter Frank, P.G. Associate/Senior Hydrogeologist

Peter’s areas of technical experience include petroleum release response, fuel underground and aboveground storage tank (UST/AST) management, installation oversight, and compliance, aquifer evaluations, and permitting and regulatory support. He has prepared over 100 Groundwater Management Permit (GMP) Applications in the State of New Hampshire, as well as managed over 75 permitted sites. He has been using his comprehensive technical experience for the past 30 years as an environmental consultant and senior project manager for numerous environmental projects at retail and wholesale fuel properties, manufacturing facilities, and residential land. Peter has vast experience in discussions and negotiations with New Hampshire and Vermont State regulators, attorneys, property owners, and managers, municipalities, and subcontractors. He has performed and managed projects throughout the Northeast, California, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Ohio.

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