Lea Anne Atwell, P.G.

Lea Anne Atwell, P.G. Project Geologist

As a consultant, she has specialized in the synthesis, analysis, and presentation of complex data sets. Projects have included site investigation, remediation, bedrock characterization, and due diligence portfolio support.
Lea Anne works collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to find common ground and develop solutions on complex projects. She has experience developing and implementing new programs, including emerging contaminants investigations. She is known for her ability to present complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences. Prior to coming to GeoInsight, Lea Anne was a Project Manager, and later the Emerging Contaminants Coordinator, for the Hazardous Waste Remediation Bureau at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services from 2015-2019 and a Project Manager/Senior Project Geologist at Sanborn Head Associates from 2005-2015.

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