Darrin Santos, P.G.

Darrin Santos, P.G. Senior Geologist

Darrin has managed countless environmental investigation and remediation projects throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. He performs and oversees hydrogeologic and contaminant site investigations, due diligence site assessments (Phase I and II), and remedial planning and implementation oversight. He has been directly involved with several successful large-scale Brownfields redevelopment projects including assessment, remedial planning, and remedial oversight that focused on returning distressed properties back to productive use in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Darrin also provides developers pre-acquisition due diligence assessment services focused on evaluating environmental and geotechnical concerns and cost implications as they relate to property development and building construction. Darrin has assisted clients in permitting the reuse of historical building demolition rubble (brick and concrete) for beneficial reuse on-site during redevelopment saving his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in off-site building demolition disposal costs.

Other contributions include designing and analyzing aquifer exploration programs for complex groundwater remediation projects; design of vapor intrusion mitigation systems; design and oversight of implementation of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) remedial injections; performing bench-scale treatability studies for in-situ stabilization (ISS) and solidification/stabilization (S/S) projects; and performing vadose and saturated zone groundwater flow and contaminant fate modeling.

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