Brian Nereson, P.E.

Brian Nereson, P.E. Senior Engineer

Brian has extensive experience with geotechnical, civil and environmental remediation engineering services throughout New England, as well as in New York and New Jersey. He is responsible for client development, project management, performing technical evaluations, and preparing reports, design plans and technical specifications for a wide variety of clients.

His geotechnical engineering design and construction oversight experience encompasses a diverse group of projects, including commercial and residential buildings and associated development, bridges, roadways and utilities, dams, airports, and retaining walls and soil slopes, as well as engineering design, implementation and monitoring of environmental remediation systems.

Brian is well versed in technical aspects of geotechnical engineering and has extensive knowledge of a variety of subsurface conditions and their impact on design and construction. His experience enables him to proactively identify construction challenges during the design process as well as during construction when unforeseen conditions arise, and to develop cost-effective and efficient solutions to those challenges.

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