Brian Kisiel, P.G.

Brian Kisiel, P.G. President / Chair, Board of Directors

As President and Chair of the Board of Directors, Brian’s current responsibilities include managing the company’s financial operations, implementing the strategic visions of the company, interacting with clients and regulatory agencies, and leading the company’s business development activities.

Brian supports the company with his strategic leadership, environmental and engineering expertise, and as a leading example of fostering strong client service. His dedication to developing a superior relationship-focused business both internally with employees and externally with clients has permeated the company and has fostered a truly compassionate culture.

Outside of his role as President, Brian serves as the Principal-in Charge for numerous insurance and petroleum-based projects and as the internal technical resource for a Fortune 100 insurance company. He specializes in partnering with his clients to solve complex environmental and engineering matters to manage risk across a broad range of projects through the development of strategic compliance plans. In addition, he uses his expertise in evaluating and implementing investigative and remedial strategies to address impacted soil and groundwater. Participating in numerous response actions under state regulations throughout New England, Brian is experienced at conducting initial response actions, investigations, remedial response actions, and formulating site closure strategies.

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