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Engineering Your Best Solution—From Source to Tap

A great source of water has little value until it can be safely and efficiently delivered to the end user. GeoInsight’s engineers and scientists have the expertise, design experience, and understanding of water distribution system permitting necessary to identify your project’s applicable range of alternatives. We help you choose the most cost-effective and appropriate solution, bringing your project from initial concept design, through the environmental and water resource permitting process, to successful construction of its infrastructure.

water distribution engineering services in New England

Increased State and Federal Review and Stricter Permitting Requirements

Traditional water supply distribution engineering involves the design, selection, and installation of water distribution system components (such as pipes, storage tanks, booster pumps, meters, valves, treatment components, etc.). Over time, and with increased understanding of the possible surface water and ground water impacts associated with water distribution, traditional engineering design and construction have evolved to become far more complex. This change has translated into increased local, state, and federal review and permitting requirements, which often include:

  • Procurement of easement agreements
  • An assessment of alternative solutions considered
  • Life cycle analyses of system performance
  • Justification for selecting the proposed solution, and
  • Management plans for treatment systems.


As municipal and state budgets are reduced and efficient practices and projects become more critical, municipalities are also looking to each other for cooperative and regional solutions to satisfy local water supply needs and distribution. We have experience in facilitating complex agreements that are win-win solutions for parties involved.



We Help Our Municipal Clients:

  • Establish a Master Plan to define short- and long-term objectives
  • Identify all aspects of an existing system
  • Use risk analysis techniques to determine critical system weaknesses
  • Identify project hurdles early in the process so that they can be addressed before they become critical
  • Craft cooperative water resource agreements, and
  • Develop public understanding and support of a proposed water distribution project.

GeoInsight, Inc. provides water distribution services in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New York.

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Featured Case Study

Shoreline Community Water Supply Solutions

Southeast Connecticut has historically been faced with significant water supply challenges. The Thames River regional interconnection project, completed in 2008, provided a template for regional cooperation on water supply issues and provided GeoInsight with an opportunity to showcase our versatility and commitment to practical problem solving. GeoInsight’s involvement in this major infrastructure improvement project provided us with extensive knowledge and understanding of the region’s water supply issues.