Stream Studies


A High-Tech Approach to Low-Impact Design

Over the past decade, our repertoire of stream study services has expanded significantly to include projects that combine civil engineering design with low-impact design, innovation treatment technologies, and computer modeling evaluations. This high-tech approach allows us to tackle stream impact evaluations more naturally and satisfying regulatory agencies and stakeholders, while reducing your construction costs.


Our Well-Grounded Team

GeoInsight’s solid grounding in stream hydrology, hydrogeology, and geotechnical engineering makes us an excellent choice for your stream study and remediation needs. We are well versed in traditional civil engineering techniques and hydraulics, enabling us to tackle even the trickiest site designs.  Our combined understanding and appreciation of water forces, sediment migration, and waterway flora and fauna will promote success for your project.


GeoInsight's stream studies generally include the following services:

When a construction project does not adequately address important stream bank control issues, environmental damage can occur and regulatory enforcement actions can result. We typically address stream erosion concerns by:

  • Designing traditional stone rip rap slopes
  • Specifying a variety of geosynthetic armoring systems
  • Recommending gabions and/or coir logs, and
  • Using wetlands and stream plantings.



Because we are adept at working with regulators and conservation commissions, we can help bring your project to compliance.

Hazardous waste site clean-up projects commonly involve stream rehabilitation. To determine the nature and extent of impacts, GeoInsight conducts:

  • Detailed sampling plans of the stream ecology (bioassays)
  • Stream quality sampling
  • Stream flow gauging, and
  • Stream sediment quality and physical characteristic studies.


When these studies indicate significant impacts, GeoInsight designs practical remedial responses including sediment removal, sediment capping, wing damn designs, water bypass strategies, and wetland / stream bank rehabilitation strategies.

When sediment removal is required for channel volume improvement or storage, we can help you through all the steps in the process. Dredging projects commonly involve bathymetric evaluations to determine the volume of material that needs to be removed. GeoInsight can design dewatering strategies, dredge spoil handling strategies, dredge cells, and other structures to manage these spoils.  


If you have a development project adjacent to a stream, modeling may be necessary to assess the potential influence on the stream environment.  Using HEC/RAS models, we can predict and model changes in stream flow resulting from shifting stream bed morphology. We also conduct flooding studies associated with well siting and other development projects located in land subject to inundation.  

Storm water impacts are a significant concern to stream flow and quality. GeoInsight has evaluated the impacts on water quality caused by commercial developments and road management techniques (such as road salting). A variety of regulations come to bear on your property in this regard. We are involved with implementation and interpretation of extensive storm water sampling programs, including setup and maintenance of remote sampling stations, and rapid dispatch of storm water sampling teams. These projects commonly involve the design and institutional implementation of best management practices that safeguard water quality, but we will also design passive or active treatment systems to help you maintain compliance.

At times, stream flow assessments determine that flow augmentation is needed to meet local recreational, water supply, or aesthetic needs. For example, GeoInsight recently helped a southern New England utility obtain a permit for a water withdrawal adjacent to a stream where flows were tightly controlled.  In this case, a portion of the withdrawal was used to augment stream flow, allowing the withdrawal permit to go forward. GeoInsight designs stream flow augmentation projects to support aquatic habitats, aiding in your water resource permitting activities.

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