Source Water Protection


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We’d all prefer to protect an existing water supply than deal with the long, costly process of remediating an impaired supply and / or developing new sources. With this general principle in mind, regulatory agencies at municipal, state, and federal levels created source water protection regulations to help safeguard these precious supplies of drinking water.



Serving Municipalities, Property Owners, and Developers

GeoInsight has extensive experience with source water protection issues, serving:

  • Municipalities concerned with preserving their water resources, and
  • Property owners and developers seeking compliance with local, state, and federal source water protection regulations.


Assessing Technical Merit in Clear, Logical Terms

GeoInsight addresses your project’s technical aspects in simple, transparent terms. Our hydrogeologists and engineers are expert communicators, able to describe complex hydrogeologic concepts in a way that makes sense to busy town boards and concerned citizens alike. Our explanations are often the subject of presentations delivered for town meetings, planning boards, and governmental agencies. 


When working for towns and municipalities, we are experienced in all aspects of source water protection: from developing and revising aquifer protection ordinances, to peer-reviewing development project plans for critical water resource areas. Frequently, GeoInsight is asked to review, critique, and customize well head protection areas required by federal law for municipal supply wells. This work usually involves:

  • Identifying threats to aquifers
  • Detailed hydrogeologic analysis
  • Ground water flow modeling, and
  • Close consultation with town planners and conservation commissions.

GeoInsight also addresses source water protection issues that arise during permitting for commercial and residential development projects. We have conducted redelineation of aquifer protection districts and well head protection areas based upon strong technical analyses and our familiarity with regulations. We have evaluated interactions between water supply protection areas and a variety of commercial developments, including:

  • Supermarkets and big box retailers
  • Gasoline fueling facilities
  • Petroleum bulk storage facilities
  • Gravel pits, bedrock quarries, and blasting projects
  • Golf courses
  • Subdivisions/Condominium complexes, and
  • Waste transfer stations.

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