NH Source Water Protection Grant Assistance



The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau announced this spring that they will again be soliciting applications for local source water protection grants.  About $200,000 is anticipated (up to $20,000 per grant) to help water suppliers, municipalities, and watershed associations implement programs to protect existing sources of public drinking water. Last year, the NHDES received only a handful of applications for funding, so your chance of success might be very good!

Grant applications are due November 3, 2014 

Now is the time to begin framing a project! Successful applicants can use their grant funding to: 

  • refine a source delineation, 
  • inventory and evaluate potential drinking water threats, and
  • implement protective measures or monitoring programs. 


Tip: Include stakeholder letters with your application

Obtaining letters of support from various stakeholders will significantly improve your chances of preparing a successful application and these could take some time to obtain. 

How GeoInsight can help

GeoInsight staff has been involved in the grant process in the past and has helped applicants prepare successful applications and implement projects that have made a difference in protecting water supplies.  GeoInsight is proud of its reputation for evaluating and protecting water supplies and we can help you find innovative solutions to your source protection challenges.

Case studies

Click an image below to read a case study of a succesful grant project managed by GeoInsight.

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Next steps

Have a question? Ask an expert! 

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