Ground Water Mounding Studies


The Water Beneath Our Feet

Sometimes we need to make sure that the water existing below ground stays there! GeoInsight is experienced in conducting ground water mounding analyses for various water, wastewater, remediation, and artificial recharge applications. We have designed and sited new storm water infiltration basins and waste water leach fields for residential subdivisions and industrial facilities, and infiltration galleries to redistribute treated ground water to the subsurface from ground water pump and treat remediation systems.



Predictive Ground Water Mounding Analysis

Water can only seep into the ground so fast. When designing a ground water recharge project, we predict and analyze the effect that the development of a mounded water table in the area below the proposed infiltration will have on existing ground water conditions. GeoInsight uses both straight-forward two-dimensional analytical modeling software, and more complex, three-dimensional numerical ground water modeling software to deliver accurate predictive ground water mounding analysis. We will help you determine how much water can be effectively managed on-site.



GeoInsight’s ground water mounding services include infiltration basin design and permitting, ground water mounding analysis (analytical and numerical modeling), and:

  • Observing well installation
  • In-Situ and laboratory aquifer hydraulic conductivity testing
  • Developing background and theoretical post-recharge ground water elevation contour plans
  • Assessing conditions following installation of artificial recharge basins
  • Evaluating seasonal trend
  • Verifying model prediction
  • Assessing presence of sufficient cover soil 
  • Capping and other remedial solutions
  • Identifying flow limits to prevent surface saturation
  • Chemical migration  
  • Contribution to frost heaving
  • Affects on nearby water bodies and vegetation 
  • Affects on nearby structures (such as basements) 



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