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A Strategic Sustainable Design Plan That Represents Your Interests

At GeoInsight, we understand the elements of sustainable design and how development impacts our natural resources. We provide civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering services to support site development, routinely working as part of a development team with architectural, building design, and/or civil/transportation firms. When other firms can’t solve a problem, companies bring us in to develop a strategic design plan: providing them as much representation and protection as we do for the environment we share. We partner with your organization, providing sustainable solutions for the complex challenges which can stifle a project’s progress.


"If we live truly, we shall see truly." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

sustainable site design services


LEED®-Accredited Professional

As part of these services, we implement sustainable Low Impact Design (LID) practices wherever possible, and we have a LEED®-accredited professional on staff.


GeoInsight is Experienced With LID For:


GeoInsight’s Core Sustainable Site Design Services Include:

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Featured Case Study

Concord Oil Company: Sustainable Site Design

GeoInsight designed a complete renovation for an aging bulk fuel storage facility in Concord, Massachusetts to update fuel storage systems and compliance, and significantly improve storm water treatment.

Featured Case Study

Transfer Station: Low-Impact Development

When a solid waste management company decided to modify its operations to increase throughput at its Allenstown, New Hampshire transfer station, they asked GeoInsight to develop a low-impact, cost-effective, community-friendly upgrade solution.