Sustainability Opportunity Audits


A High-Level Review of Your Current Operations

When we conduct sustainability opportunity audits, we perform an initial review of your current business operations and practices. Our focus includes evaluating:

  • Potential impacts of emerging regulations on your established business practices
  • Energy efficiency of building and equipment
  • Chemical usage and exposure
  • Water resource usage and treatment, and
  • Waste generation and disposal practices.



Materials Recycling and Waste Minimization

Improving your organization’s percentage of recyclable waste materials or reducing the volume of waste produced can deliver both economic and public image benefits. GeoInsight’s knowledge of environmental and process engineering allows us to identify and minimize waste and maximize material recovery.

Examples include:

  • Evaluating process lines to identify areas where wastes can be reduced by changing practices, materials, or equipment
  • Identifying opportunities to alter otherwise unsuitable waste products to meet permitting requirements for reuse or different disposal options
  • Evaluating current disposal / recycling practices and contracts to optimize value
  • Planning new projects strategically, and
  • Assessing overall integration of all existing operations and systems.


Your Results: Specific, Implementable Recommendations

From this audit, we help you identify opportunities for the application of alternative energy, resource recovery, water and waste minimization, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we present longer-term options that you may choose to pursue towards recognition (such as LEED) and/  or corporate goals. A sustainability audit can identify and prioritize the projects and/or issues which present the greatest return and/or serve to minimize business risks.


Prioritizing Your Maximum Benefit

GeoInsight’s audits are low cost, custom work products that identify and prioritize projects that deliver financial return and / or reduce business risk. The value of this type of audit can be significant. Based on our experience, we know that our clients are busy dealing with the multiple priorities of day-to-day operation, limiting the time they have to invest on improvement projects.


Initial Assessments

A first-cut opportunity analysis includes project implementation costs, payback propositions, and detailed accounting of other concerns including permitting and operational issues. Based on the results of the initial assessment we can provide next step assistance, including a formal development plan and cost estimate.

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