Materials Reuse


Waste Minimization

The philosophy of using what you have without appropriating new resources is a top tier goal of sustainable design and construction. GeoInsight’s knowledge of sitework development requirements, combined with building demolition, deconstruction, and construction will yield tangible benefits when planning your next project.  We understand potential contaminants within historic buildings and, when combined with our relationships with material recycling facilities, we will develop strategies to identify and maximize material recovery and waste reduction.


Determining Beneficial Reuse

For many years, GeoInsight has been helping clients minimize costly off-site disposal of demolition and site development materials through recycling and reuse. We have designed projects using tire chips, low-permeability paper mill residuals, and ash/slag fill. Recycling and reuse methods to reduce off-site disposal costs include:

  • Utilizing appropriate demolition materials for on-site backfill
  • Segregation of materials to increase recycling and reuse, and
  • Managing impacted materials on-site to reduce off-site disposal.


We have prepared numerous Beneficial Use Determination packages and associated Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) that characterize:

  • Proper material management practices during processing, placement, and disposal/recycling
  • Material source
  • Potential contaminants
  • Possible receptors, and
  • Project methodology.


Soil Blending

Because natural resources are a diminishing commodity, finding a borrow source with the appropriate soil gradation and characteristics is also more difficult. We address this challenge by advising clients and sitework contractors on blending natural and recycled materials to your project’s unique specifications.

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Featured Case Study

Precious Metals Waste: Former Manufacturing Facility

An industrial property developer retained GeoInsight to assess the characteristics of wastes recovered from a building formerly occupied by a precious metal products manufacturer.

Featured Case Study

Public Water Supply Upgrade: Beneficial Materials Reuse Determination

As part of planned improvements for its Public Waster System – Phase 1A, one of two existing lagoon structures located at the City’s treatment facility off Russell Avenue was decommissioned by filling with soil. The north lagoon was located near the base of an earthen dam and had been identified as one of the deficiencies of the dam. The lagoons were previously used for containment of water treatment residuals and the north lagoon had been inactive for several years.