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Environmental mediation offers an alternative environmental dispute resolution to costly and lengthy litigation. The team of mediation experts for environmental disputes generally is composed of a lawyer/mediator trained and experienced in the mediation process, and attorneys and technical experts for each side of the dispute.   A neutral environmental expert with expertise in the technical issues involved in the dispute can often bridge the gap between the mediator and the highly technical and regulatory-specific information that is exchanged between both side's experts.

GeoInsight’s combination of expertise in a wide-range of technical areas and ability to communicate complex technical environmental and engineering information in a readily understandable manner make us particularly effective in the role of environmental neutral expert in mediation proceedings.  Our significant experience in providing expert witness services provides the optimal window from which to draw from with regard to assisting the Mediator/Judge with processing and understanding the often technically complex and jargon-rich world of expert opinions.

The role of the environmental mediation neutral often includes:

  • reviewing ex parte letters, mediation briefs, and expert opinions, and providing overview summaries to the Mediator/Judge;

  • asking pertinent questions and obtaining clarifications on key technical issues and/or opinions;

  • independently evaluating assertions and data evaluations made by both mediation parties;

  • explaining technical concepts and methods, applicable regulations, and data interpretation to the Mediator/Judge; 

  • providing focused tutorials to the Mediator/Judge on key technical topics; and

  • assisting the mediation teams with understanding the opposing sides technical arguments.

For more information on GeoInsight’s Mediation Environmental Neutral Expert services, please contact Michael J. Webster, P.G., L.S.P.


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