Expert Witness Testimony


Expert Communicators

GeoInsight's team of seasoned technical experts is highly experienced in communicating complex technical concepts clearly, concisely, and completely to a wide range of audiences. You benefit from our powerful reputation of thoroughness and strong familiarity with the process of providing expert witness testimony, including:

  • Developing detailed, defensible opinions
  • Conducting and participating in depositions
  • Preparing for and testifying in court (whether bench trial or jury trial), and
  • Supporting the legal team with preparing for and conducting opposing expert witness cross examination.


Our experts are comfortable with the inner workings of a court room, the formalities and procedures associated with our judicial system, and the conduct of a court case/trial, ensuring a solid rapport with lead counsel, jury, and judge. 



GeoInsight Is Known for Excellent Expert Witness Testimony

Expert services we provide with all of our litigation support work include:

  • Acting in a professional manner at all times
  • Properly managing our in-house litigation support information
  • Identifying the applicable professional standard of care related to the matter
  • Providing an unbiased assessment of the validity of claims made
  • Preparing clearly worded engagement letters
  • Assessing the appropriateness of forensic evaluations conducted
  • Opining on the reasonableness of past response actions, associated costs, and their allocation, and
  • Assessing or predicting current and future mitigation costs.


GeoInsight's expert witness services include:

Our expert services associated with environmental matters include:

  • Compliance with applicable local, State, and federal regulations
  • Evaluating the cause and/or origin of damages caused by environmental contamination
  • Data quality validation and evaluation
  • Predicting fate and transport of environmental contaminants
  • Considering the significance of timing in response activities
  • Predicting the significance of conditions that might occur in the absence of mitigation
  • Comparing the compatibility of a chosen remediation method to risk scenarios
  • Evaluating the application and effectiveness of remediation and repair technologies

Our expert services regarding geotechnical engineering include issues such as:

  • Dam and impoundment failures
  • Earth retention system performance
  • Ground water management activities
  • Foundation damage (whether related to dewatering or construction vibrations)
  • Slope construction and stability concerns
  • Sitework construction cost claims
  • Landfill capping and expansion, and
  • Cosmetic or structural damage claims from blasting or construction vibrations.

Our expert services regarding civil engineering include issues such as:

  • Storm water damage (such as from flooding)
  • Septic system performance and failure
  • Pavement system failure
  • Runoff pathways
  • Sediment deposition from erosion, and
  • Evaluation of constructed subsurface water management systems.

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