Data Analysis and Expert Opinion Reports


The Data Discovery Process: Where Many Cases are Lost or Won

Many cases are strongly influenced during discovery. As such, GeoInsight understands the methods for obtaining, assembling, and organizing pertinent documents. Our reputation for attention to detail and high-quality technical practice equips us to efficiently review and assimilate information that will be relevant to a case. We are also completely familiar with:

  • Document tracking and organizational systems (such as the Bate Stamp System)
  • Typical discovery requests
  • Project chronology/timeline development
  • Creating key data/information matrices, and
  • Identifying and tracking possible court exhibits.



We know what to ask for and can often significantly assist in the discovery process because we know exactly what information must be present to support an opinion.


GeoInsight’s Data Analysis Process

  • We work with you to develop a general project strategy
  • Our team of experts identifies the project’s data and information needs: researching, assembling, and reviewing appropriate documentation
  • Based upon the results of these reviews, we synthesize comprehensive summaries and critiques of technical and regulatory information, and
  • The legal team evaluates this information, selecting which issues to pursue and further develop.



Expert Opinion Reporting

GeoInsight has considerable experience developing and preparing expert reports that present factual information and expert technical opinions in a clear, concise, and unambiguous language. Our team of technical experts are particularly adept at communicating highly technical information in an easy-to-understand manner, with appropriate regulatory citations (when applicable), and relevant supporting data.


In addition to expert reports, we are confident in developing and answering interrogatories, including:

  • Assisting with and developing applicable questions for opposing experts, and
  • Answering interrogatories developed by opposing counsel.


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