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chess_piece.jpgComplex litigation and mediation/negotiation projects commonly play out like a game of chess. While rules and facts govern the actions, successful players are diligent at every turn, adjusting their strategic course to counter their opponent’s action. GeoInsight has been consistently recognized for our strategic, practical expert witness services. We keep you ahead of your opponent; it’s like having a chess expert advising your every move.


               “In life, as in chess, forethought wins.”
                                 -Charles Buxton

GeoInsight’s Strategic Thinking Process

Our organization’s core emphasis on strategic thinking is particularly well suited to the expert services we provide. A few significant components of our strategic thinking process include:  

  • Quickly coming up to speed with existing facts and defining crucial data gaps
  • Developing and vetting possible strategic approaches
  • Helping you select the best approach for your unique situation, and
  • Practicing contingency planning by playing out and planning for “what if” scenarios.



We Built Our Highly-Effective Expert Services Practice Upon The Following Attributes:

  • Considerable experience with the legal community and a strong working knowledge of the associated processes, methods, and administrative requirements of providing expert services
  • Conversancy and competency in a wide range of technical practice areas
  • Comprehensive knowledge of applicable regulations and associated guidance practices
  • Knowledge of and experience with available forensic tools/methods
  • Ability to communicate complex technical and regulatory concepts clearly and concisely to non-technical audiences
  • Ability to prepare supporting exhibits providing clear visual confirmation of a technical position.
  • Experience with and training in strategies associated with expert witness testimony and cross examination
  • Access to appreciable resources and research information, including sources of information within the regulator community, and
  • A project team that is devoted to spending as much time as it takes to prepare to meet litigation objectives.


GeoInsight's expert services include a wide range of capabilities, including:

Data Analysis and Expert Opinion Reports
Litigation Support and Preparation of Court Exhibits

Expert Witness Testimony

Dispute Resolution

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