Storage Tank Management


Minimizing Risk and Extending the Service of Your Storage Tanks

The use of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs) to store heating fuels, motor fuels, and chemicals is an integral part of many businesses, institutions, and even residential properties. GeoInsight helps you monitor and maintain these systems: maximizing their active service life and minimizing the costly risks associated with a release.


GeoInsight’s Storage Tank Management Services Include:

  • Design of bulk storage containment areas
  • Facility permitting
  • Impermeable liner system assessments
  • Construction oversight during new installations and system upgrades
  • Removal and abandonment
  • Release response
  • Closure assessments
  • Regulatory compliance evaluations, and
  • Management plan preparation.


You Benefit From an Extensive Service Base and Industry Connections

Our experience, knowledge, and extensive service base equip us to assist large and small petroleum distribution clients alike, addressing a wide range of AST and UST projects and related issues, including compliance and reporting. Our strong reputation with State agency personnel, coupled with our familiarity with the State and federal environmental regulations and State Petroleum Cleanup Programs, gives us extraordinary access and knowledge to represent your interests. 


GeoInsight's Storage Tank Management Services Include:

GeoInsight works closely with you to evaluate your specific storage and distribution needs, designing a system that is consistent with property characteristics, regulatory requirements, and your business objectives. From municipal fueling systems to retail service stations and bulk storage facilities, GeoInsight will satisfy even the most complex requirements, delivering cost-effective alternatives and solutions.

GeoInsight personnel have overseen the removal and abandonment of hundreds of USTs and ASTs throughout the northeast. From small residential basement ASTs to 30,000-gallon process fuel tanks, GeoInsight has successfully managed turn-key UST/AST services on-time and on-budget, working within regulatory frameworks. This experience directly benefits the planning and execution of your project. Our field personnel evaluate for the presence of release(s) by field screening and collecting soil and/or ground water samples for comparison to regulatory standards. Once field activities are complete, we prepare closure documentation for state and local agencies. If applicable, GeoInsight will navigate you through the regulatory framework associated with evaluating eligibility for state petroleum cleanup programs, if detected impacts result in a regulatory directive for further investigation



The costs to respond to releases for petroleum storage tanks can burden your business so we know how important it is that you establish and maintain eligibility in a state petroleum cleanup program. Our experience and ability to manage and recover eligible costs for corrective actions in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island allows you to focus your attention on other parts of your business.


Additionally, we offer many of our clients cash flow assistance in their daily business operations by serving as a direct pay applicant to state reimbursement funds.

Our team performs a variety of compliance/audit inspections for facility transfers and on-going compliance evaluations to help you comply with applicable federal, state, and local regulations. We routinely:

  • Perform facility inspections and provide recommendations, if warranted
  • Review monitoring and record keeping practices
  • Prepare facility-specific compliance documents, and
  • Ensure that required permits are obtained.

When non-compliance issues are identified, GeoInsight provides engineering services to promptly help you rectify deficient compliance items. We act as the intermediary with regulatory officials and quickly address outstanding conditions. Whether it is a new facility or a system upgrade, we have the staff and experience to navigate the complex permit-attainment process, ensuring that you operate within the regulatory framework. We also prepare and amend:

  • Facility registrations
  • Spill prevention and countermeasure plans
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans, and
  • Storm water management designs.

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