Regulatory Site Closure/Verification Services


Keeping the End in Mind: A Condition of No Significant Risk

Achieving regulatory closure is always our objective. Our clients have come to rely upon GeoInsight’s ability to beneficially interpret and apply regulations to their specific situation under various state and federal regulatory programs. Clients working with other firms often request that GeoInsight provide a fresh set of eyes on projects that are not progressing in the manner or time frame predicted by others. This strong reputation stems from an ability to provide strategic vision: particularly when it comes to site closure. It’s one of the many benefits of beginning with the end in mind. 


GeoInsight’s Qualifications:

Our skilled, licensed professionals continually achieve timely and cost-effective regulatory closures using the mechanisms available in state regulations and policies. Our staff members include:

  • Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) in Connecticut
  • Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) in Massachusetts, and
  • Professional Geologists (PGs) and Professional Engineers (PEs) in New Hampshire and Maine.


This team is supported by a staff with the wide-ranging technical abilities needed to document a condition of no significant risk. We routinely prepare:

  • Site closure reports
  • Risk assessments under multiple state regulatory frameworks, and
  • Activity and use limitations or restrictions.


As regulations and policies evolve, GeoInsight’s professionals evaluate their applicability to each site that may benefit from a new approach.

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