Environmental Site Assessments


What is an Environmental Site Assessment?

Environmental Site Assessments include a wide range of project types that all share a common theme: understanding how the historical and current use of a property (and its surrounding area) may have adversely affected the condition of environmental media at a site, including soil, ground water, surface water, sediments, and air.



GeoInsight’s Environmental Site Assessment Process

Research, assemble, and summarize

Our initial focus for your site assessment is to rigorously research, assemble, and summarize available information about the current and historic use of your property / facility. These activities typically include: 

  • Researching historical property use information
  • Reviewing available local records
  • Reviewing state and federal permits and environmental information regarding the current status of the property and surroundings
  • Conducting a comprehensive site walk to document hazardous material usage and waste handling methods, and
  • Conducting interviews with current owners and operators. 


 Information gathered in the initial site assessment forms the basis for evaluating:

  • Whether property conditions pose an environmental threat

  • Applicable local, state, and federal regulatory requirements

  • The scope of assessment and / or remedial requirements associated with impacted environmental media, if present
  • Third-party liabilities and costs that may be associated with historic and / or ongoing releases, and
  • Potential limitations on property development and/or redevelopment/reuse, caused by existing environmental conditions.


If we determine that current site uses or historic activities or conditions might have affected environmental media, we recommend additional testing activities to obtain the site-specific information you will need to characterize risks and evaluate remedial approachs.


Understanding the Big Picture: Activities that Support Your Environmental Site Assessment

While conducting environmental site assessments, we gather ancillary information that provides additional context about the environmental conditions present. Supplemental tasks commonly include:

  • Initial review of permits and compliance requirements
  • Testing for and evaluation of asbestos-containing buildings materials
  • Soil vapor screening assessments
  • Indoor air testing
  • Drinking water quality analyses
  • Testing for urea formaldehyde insulation
  • Lead-based paint testing
  • Evaluation of mold or conditions favorable for mold growth
  • Tank tightness testing, and
  • Subsurface piping dye tests and camera surveys.


The GeoInsight Experience: Ten Ways We Cater To Your Needs

GeoInsight approaches each site assessment project as a puzzle waiting to be solved. Each property has unique characteristics that must be understood in order to grasp the big picture.

  1. We employ the “leave no stone unturned” approach: a successful site assessment will paint as detailed a picture of historical property use as possible, eliminating sources of uncertainty
  2. No matter how large or small the job, clients receive clear, concise, readable, and ultimately “user-friendly” site assessment reports
  3. Because site assessment projects are often time-sensitive, we have developed the internal resources to turn them around quickly and accurately
  4. We have extensive experience conducting third-party reviews of site assessment reports, and discussing these reports and associated issues with end-users
  5. Our report formats are acceptable to leading lending institutions and attorneys
  6. We are fully knowledgeable of the standard protocols and methods for conducting site assessments, including the ASTM All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI)
  7. You benefit from our flexibility to tailor site assessment formats and contents to your specific needs
  8. Our expertise in foreseeing and quantifying possible concerns is grounded upon our intimate involvement with a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and disposal site services
  9. Our keen appreciation for and clear communication of liability exposure will be a tremendous asset to you, and
  10. We write this information in an easy-to-understand language that you can quickly and easily factor into discussions and negotiations associated with real estate and financing transactions.

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