Remedial Implementation and Operation and Maintenance


Your Full-Service Remedial Solution

GeoInsight can implement a remedial solution on a design/build basis or prepare comprehensive plans and specifications for bidding purposes to remedial contractors. Our multi-talented remedial staff is able to address a wide variety of challenges, assuring you an efficient process that will achieve your remediation goals.


Our Role Can Include:

  • Completing the design, permitting, construction, and implementation of the remedial solution
  • Providing construction oversight
  • Verifying consistency of construction with design
  • Verifying the basis and accuracy of contractor change orders, and
  • Preparing progress and summary reports to meet regulatory requirements.



Initial Start-Up and Shakedown

Once construction is complete, GeoInsight’s technicians and system operators provide a thorough check and analysis of the system components to verify:

  • Correct operation within design parameters
  • Proper function of fail-safes
  • Compatibility of all aspects of the system
  • Component’s response to manual and automated controls, and
  • Remote monitoring telemetry communications.


Operation and Monitoring

Once a system is operational, we ensure that the remedial strategy remains on target. GeoInsight’s staff monitors and reevaluates site conditions and suitability of the selected technology, optimizing cost control and performance. We have experience operating remedial systems at a range of facilities and locations, including:

  • Bulk petroleum storage plants
  • Solid waste disposal facilities
  • Service stations
  • Industrial complexes, and
  • Superfund sites.


As needed, we can train your site personnel to assist or take over operation and monitoring functions as well. In particular, we can assemble useful manuals, and offer you our wide range of pre-established data collection forms. 

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Featured Case Study

Dover Municipal Landfill: Remedial Implementation and O&M

The Dover Municipal Landfill was open from the 1960s to 1980 and was the disposal site for local municipal and industrial wastes. Impacted ground water migrates from the Landfill toward downgradient receptors, including residential properties and a nearby river. GeoInsight is the oversight contractor for a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Group associated with completing Remedial Design/Remedial Action (RD/RA) activities at the Dover Municipal Landfill Superfund Site in Dover, New Hampshire.