Litigation Support and Preparation of Court Exhibits


Our Professional Opinion

Litigation support work is complex and multi-faceted. We take pride in our practical understanding of the nuanced workings of our legal system. It is this knowledge—in combination with acuity in attorney's approaches and legal strategies—that favorably positions us to help you.


Our vast and varied experience with engineering and environmental matters makes us a valuable member of your litigation team: we solidify your case by applying our expertise to clearly communicate technical issues. We help attorneys understand unfamiliar and complex technical issues, aiding their development of a strategic approach to your case.  

  • Vetting potential conflict-of-interest concerns before evaluating the case-specific details
  • Fairly evaluating the merits of a factual argument
  • Identifying key expert witnesses within GeoInsight
  • Helping to define likely requirements for documents and testimony
  • Compiling and critically reviewing expert work performed by others
  • Performing detailed data and information analyses
  • Assisting with the preparation of expert disclosures
  • Identifying the key strengths and weaknesses of each party's case
  • Assisting in the articulation of legal and technical remedies, which often lead to settlements before expensive litigation costs are incurred
  • Compiling defendable positions based upon recognized and accepted principles and methods, and
  • Demonstrating the strength of our position by preparing clear, expressive reports and exhibits.

Litigation support services commonly assigned to GeoInsight include:

  • Strategically assisting the legal team in preparing to depose opposing experts and witnesses
  • Developing project strategy and identifying key components of document discovery
  • Preparing project timelines to clarify relational aspects of the case
  • Reviewing and summarizing technical and regulatory information
  • Supporting the development and distinction of undisputed and disputed facts
  • Assisting with the preparation of fact witnesses
  • Reviewing and assessing compliance with applicable regulations, guidelines, protocols, and standards of care
  • Evaluating the source, nature, and extent of damages, and their timing and apparent cause(s)
  • Preparing and reviewing detailed cost evaluations and estimates
  • Presenting expert opinions
  • Contributing to the preparation of affidavits and interrogatories
  • Providing topics for use during opposing expert witness depositions
  • Assisting with pre-trial motions
  • Helping to prepare for cross examination, and
  • Assisting in post-trial motions.

The preparation of court exhibits can often be an art unto itself. With regard to environmental and engineering matters, we understand that it is often critical to distill a technical issue down to a simple diagram or court exhibit that clearly, concisely, and unambiguously conveys the desired point.  


We are also adept at reviewing court exhibits developed by others, and identifying flaws and false or misleading representations. Our familiarity with techniques that are commonly used when developing court exhibits helps us to develop tough questions for the cross-examination of opposing experts, exposing their real knowledge or lack thereof.


GeoInsight is Experienced With the Following Types of Exhibits:

  • Key pictures and or videos
  • Enlargements of industry-accepted tables and graphs
  • Comparative charts and trend graphs
  • Summary tables with comparisons to regulatory criteria
  • Three-dimensional scale models
  • Drawings that illustrate time-related effects of a condition
  • Extent of contamination maps
  • Subsurface stratigraphy profiles, and
  • Ground water contour maps.

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