Stormwater Compliance


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Many of our clients are faced with so many compliance regulations that even their best managers seek help navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Stormwater compliance regulations are expected to become more complicated in the coming years, especially if your property/facility is located in an impaired watershed. GeoInsight provides welcomed stress relief when it comes to bearing the burden of regulatory compliance, ensuring that your facility meets stormwater compliance goals on time and on budget.


Strategic Compliance-Program Design

We are very familiar with the federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and schedules, and have excellent relationships with regulatory personnel. We have successfully worked with varying site conditions, operations, potential contaminants (significant materials), and receiving waters. If necessary, we can help negotiate Administrative Consent Orders  and Supplemental Environmental Projects.


We appreciate the subtle nuances associated with surface water quality criteria, sampling methods, analytical methods, and reporting responsibilities. We are also very familiar with developing an approach that allows us to time sampling events with significant storm events. Our strategic approach of working with facility Environmental Health and Safety Managers to provide specific supplemental skills, allows us to design a program that meets the specific requirements of your site and operations. 



Examples of GeoInsight’s Stormwater Compliance Services Include:

  • Stormwater system modeling
  • Outfall monitoring (automated and manual)
  • Training regarding sampling, reporting, and record keeping
  • Non-stormwater discharge assessments
  • Total maximum daily load permitting
  • Annual comprehensive compliance evaluations
  • Stormwater system retrofit design, and
  • Federal and State reporting.

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