Erosion and Sediment Control


The Laws That Protect the Environment Can Mean Big Headaches for You

In the last few years, stormwater quality regulations have become increasingly complex and comprehensive. For example, recent regulatory policy changes mean that commonly, silt fence and hay bales are no longer adequate to control sedimentation and erosion. GeoInsight maintains an intimate familiarity with local, state, and federal regulations, and we are fully equipped to keep you in compliance—headache free!


"A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Helping You Avoid Fines

Development often occurs proximate to protected natural resources or areas comprised of poor soils and steep slopes. To avoid penalties, you need someone with a comprehensive understanding of erosion and sediment control practices. We have experience with soil/water interaction at hundreds of sites and use that experience on your behalf. Our professionals have the education and know-how to design effective erosion control strategies and provide you with the tools and knowledge to withstand a city, state, or USEPA audit.


Construction Planning: Building in Control

During construction activities, management of erosion and sedimentation is critical. GeoInsight has extensive experience in planning, controlling, and treating stormwater to comply with erosion and discharge requirements. We understand how to use the land’s features to design a strategic construction sequence.  Our planning experience for construction sites includes creating:

  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plans
  • Dewatering plans, and
  • Water treatment and discharge plans.


Sequence of Development

Designing effective erosion and sedimentation controls begins with a partnership between the designer, developer, and contractor. Considering each crucial perspective allows accurate development of the sequence of controls—it also controls costs. Our engineers and scientists have been practicing in the construction industry for decades, and our understanding of construction means and methods allows us to provide creative sequencing and use of key controls, anticipating the needs of the developers and contractors alike. We believe that a little foresight goes a long way toward averting expensive back-stepping.


Controls and Methods That Work With Your Existing Construction Plans

We choose controls and methods that are compatible with the planned construction activities, highly effective, and easy to procure, install, and maintain. We know what control materials and practices work in which situations and we know how to implement contingency activities when needed. We know the benefits of careful construction sequencing, helping you take full advantage of topography and existing vegetation to control runon and runoff. We work with you as an invested team member to promote project success. 


GeoInsight’s Erosion and Sediment Control Services Include:

  • MSGP/CGP outfall monitoring
  • Soil loss evaluation
  • Use of flocculants to treat turbid discharges
  • Design of temporary and permanent controls
  • Soil/slope stabilization
  • Resolving notice of violations and administrative fine corrective actions

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