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Standing in Water?

road_closed.jpgRunoff from precipitation events is a natural process that is generally understood, but the rules that govern stormwater are complicated. Protecting our water resources is an important, but arduous process. With the USEPA currently ramping up its enforcement efforts under the Clean Water Act, having an effective understanding of and appreciation for stormwater engineering is essential. GeoInsight's stormwater engineering services can give you peace of mind when it rains—and pours!


“There are some things you learn best in calm,
and some in storm.”
-Willa Cather

storm water engineering services in New England


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Featured Case Study

Crown Shore Yacht Club: Storm Water Engineering

The Crown Shore Yacht Club is GeoInsight’s latest low-impact development (LID) project. GeoInsight provided a creative design that transformed the existing parking lot configuration (paved parking within the shoreline protection areas, allowing untreated storm water runoff to discharge directly to the lake) into a low-impact design incorporating a rain garden, bio-retention basins, and shoreline buffer restoration.