Waste Reduction


The High Value of Reducing Waste

Waste reduction is an integral component of an industrial wastewater project. Reducing waste flow volume through process modification decreases operational costs by lessening the need for treatment chemicals, water, and energy. GeoInsight understands the importance of incorporating source reduction as a key component of any industrial wastewater design project. 


"Pollution is a symbol of design failure."
-William McDonough, Architect



Achieving Your Highest ROI Through Process Improvement

GeoInsight's expertise in working in and around industrial and commercial wastewater processes and equipment often sheds light on overlooked opportunities for waste reduction. This can be as simple as reviewing existing disposal contracts to help ensure the fees are appropriate for the current processes. GeoInsight has experience working in and around industrial and commercial wastewater facilities and equipment. We provide a second set of eyes on your existing processes, identifying opportunities for waste reduction and maximizing your return on investment.


GeoInsight Can Assist in the Development of:

  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Pollution prevention plans
  • Water resource conservation plans
  • Program implementation
  • Employee training, and
  • Goal setting.

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