Wastewater Process Evaluation and Optimization


Updating Your Facility’s Processes to Maximize Efficiency

GeoInsight can assist you with the difficult task of selecting and implementing an industrial treatment process that will meet effluent limitations and be successfully transitioned into the plant. Projects have ranged from the design and installation of new treatment processes to upgrading existing treatment equipment.


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Because GeoInsight does not manufacture wastewater treatment process equipment, we are free to provide objective advice. We routinely provide project oversight, including identification of multiple vendor options, bid specification development, bid and design review, and installation support services.  When we identify multiple feasible alternatives, we provide an options analysis that includes financial payback calculations to assist your decision making. 


Gathering and Evaluating Process Data

A comprehensive understanding of your facility’s wastewater volume and characteristics is critical to optimize the treatment process selection. The first step of process evaluation often involves gathering data including:

  • Process and instrumentation diagram review
  • Process water quality needs
  • Wastewater sampling
  • Flow rate analysis
  • Seasonal or process-specific waste flow variations, and
  • Available disposal options.  


GeoInsight evaluates the data, identifying opportunities for process optimization and wastewater reduction/recycling.


GeoInsight's Process Optimization Services Include:

  • Waste treatment options analysis (including financial, process technology selection, equipment, sizing) 
  • Pilot / equipment evaluations (bench testing, scale process, sampling, analysis) 
  • Process review (flow rate analysis, equipment sizing, safety, ease of operation and maintenance) 
  • Equipment sizing  
  • Vendor identification 
  • Bid specification development   
  • Bid review (Financial Analysis of Options, vendor evaluations), and  
  • Installation services (construction, start-up, testing support).  

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