Monitoring and Discharge Reporting


Monitoring and Discharge Reporting Services

Compliance with monitoring and discharge reporting requirements is a key element in the successful operation of an industrial wastewater process. Typically, these processes operate under a federal (USEPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) or state-issued discharge permit, which reflect the discharge type, potential impact to the receiving system, and monitoring requirements.



GeoInsight has significant expertise helping clients meet their wastewater monitoring and discharge reporting requirements. Our services in this area include:

  • Developing a sampling matrix
  • Scheduling monitoring and reporting events
  •  Collecting samples and completing data forms
  • Helping you to select an appropriate certified laboratory  
  • Assisting with sampling equipment selection and use, and
  • Preparing reports and assisting with record-keeping.


A Turn-Key Approach with Operator Training

When an organization requests a turn-key approach, our team provides complete services, including sample collection, analysis, and data submittals, customizing  offerings based on the facility’s needs. Alternatively, GeoInsight staff members can collaborate with your facility's personnel, delivering on-site training to ensure their understanding of applicable regulatory criteria, sample collection and preservation methods, and reporting requirements.


If meeting wastewater discharge permit standards is a challenge, we can design effective treatment system modifications.

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