Landfill Services


GeoInsight’s Landfill Experience

GeoInsight has extensive experience with landfills containing municipal solid waste, ash, sludge, construction and demolition debris, organic matter, and other materials. Our staff designs strategies that consider the best combination of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling to minimize your disposal requirements.

We have been involved in:

  • Designing and siting new landfills and cells
  • Assisting with operational issues at active landfills
  • Designing and overseeing landfill closures
  • Conducting post-closure landfill monitoring (i.e., assessing settlement, gas production, ground water quality, cap integrity, and storm water management)
  • Designing remedial measures for gas and leachate migration, and cap failures, and
  • Designing post-closure uses of the landfill (i.e. solar power, wind turbines, recreational fields).


Landfill Reuse

An important compliment to our sustainability services includes our designs for landfill reuse plans that add new value to idle landfill space for municipal and private landfill owners. We are intimately familiar with the technical, social, and regulatory issues associated with reuse, and apply our creative abilities to arrive at your unique solution. We have significantly researched this issue from regulatory and public opinion perspectives, and will bring real-world experience to your efforts to incorporate landfill reuse into your sustainability goals.


Practical Approaches to Common Challenges

Our experience in site characterization, landfill waste behavior, geosynthetics, and landfill regulations have benefited many clients by developing practical approaches to address common landfill challenges such as cap failures, storm water management, and ground water monitoring. GeoInsight’s strong geotechnical experience and in-house environmental engineering capabilities compliments landfill management activities, including:

  • Settlement evaluations
  • Slope stability assessments
  • Cap design
  • Leachate control
  • Gas migration evaluations, and
  • Ground water remediation.


GeoInsight’s Landfill-Related Services

Our familiarity with Solid Waste regulations in the New England states allows us to solve compliance issues for new or existing landfills or other solid waste facilities such as transfer stations. A firm knowledge of liner and cap design and performance make us highly qualified to perform quarterly or annual monitoring and/or design repairs or modifications to existing landfills. Our landfill-related services include:

  • Landfill investigation, delineation, and regulatory reporting
  • Landfill design and permitting
  • Landfill consolidation, closure, and sustainable cap design
  • Pay-as-You-Throw cost-benefit analysis
  • Beneficial landfill reuse
  • Transfer station design
  • Gas to energy assessments
  • Leachate and gas collection
  • Plume remediation and gas migration barriers
  • Ground water and gas monitoring, and
  • Annual compliance inspections and cap repairs.

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