Groundwater Management


Water Management System Design

A water management system, whether passive or active, deep or shallow, permanent or temporary, often takes into consideration both surface water and groundwater. Our experience with New England geology and water control systems and materials allows us to develop highly-compatible approaches that perform reliably and effectively for your project.

GeoInsight’s groundwater management designs have addressed the needs of:

  • Deep and normal building basements
  • Special utility excavation
  • Temporary construction excavation
  • Interception and diversion measures, and
  • Remedial collection/capture trenches or wells.


Your Project’s Custom Drainage/Discharge System

We calculate, model, and predict groundwater flow conditions that will be intercepted by drainage systems, identifying and designing appropriate discharge systems (i.e., gravity or pumping) that will manage the collected water. Often, we oversee the installation of subsurface drainage systems (including cutoff trenches, foundation drains, landfill liner collection sumps, interception swales, and barriers/liners/covers) and monitor discharge.


GeoInsight’s drainage system services include:

  • Installation of monitoring well networks
  • Groundwater elevation surveys
  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • Dewatering system design
  • Infiltration system design
  • Building envelope waterproofing design
  • Water collection / cutoff systems, and
  • Hydraulic conductivity determinations.


Additional groundwater management services include:

Although it’s not the first thing to come to mind when we think of construction, groundwater has a strong influence on nearly all construction projects. GeoInsight’s engineers, geologists, and hydrogeologists are experts at understanding the interaction between water and soil in varying conditions. We determine hydraulic conductivity and percolation rates based upon careful laboratory testing and field measurements, combined with research and years of experience. We have completed numerous assessments of water intrusion through the buried portion of building envelopes, including investigating the nature and cause of the intrusion.


Groundwater Control

Excavations that extend below the groundwater table or that are within the seasonal (spring) high groundwater mark typically require evaluation of groundwater control systems. These systems may be installed temporarily (to accommodate construction requirements) or permanently, as final dewatering or waterproofing systems associated with new construction. We work with you to devise an approach suited to the soil type, depth below the water table, size of the excavation, duration of the work, and sensitivity to the reduction in moisture required.

We are very familiar with the design and application of many types of soil and geosynthetic filters to collect and route water away from buried structures, typically by gravity or using a designated pumping system. We provide recommendations for water control at existing structures as well as for new construction. These designs range from simple gravity foundation footing and underslab drain systems to complex cutoff drain trenches twenty five feet deep that require mechanical pumping. GeoInsight commonly designs systems requiring:

  • Infiltration rate estimation
  • Filtration to minimize clogging of system components
  • Chemical soil additives
  • Groundwater drawdown
  • Pump sizing, and
  • System maintenance provisions.


When water cannot be directed away, we are experienced with a wide variety of waterproofing products that we can recommend for you, including:

  • Spray/roll-on treatments
  • Drainage panels
  • Blind-side membranes
  • Concrete admixtures, and
  • Concrete finishes.


We are also highly experienced in evaluating actual groundwater depth and fluctuation through monitoring well design, construction, and installation. Understanding the design hydrostatic conditions and associated forces on below-grade walls and slabs is often critical to the design of wall and slab thickness and reinforcement.

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Featured Case Study

Secure Vehicle Storage Facility: Storm Water Management

IAAI owns an 11-acre facility used for secure storage of vehicles from insurance total losses, bank repossessions, leases, and charity donations for subsequent auction and cost recovery. Their facility suffered from poor drainage for years because of being in a low area without a drainage outlet as surrounding areas were built up over time. In addition, the site overlies an old debris landfill and its continual degradation produced heavy rutting in travel lanes. They approached GeoInsight to find an economical solution to keep the vehicles in a higher and drier condition.