Geotechnical Engineering Studies

Geotechnical Characterization

GeoInsight routinely assesses land resources for geologic characterization and development considerations, evaluating whether the proposed site development is compatible with soil and ground water conditions. Our geotechnical assessment activities include:

  • Site development feasibility studies
  • Resource assessment and borrow-pit studies
  • Construction site work and cost estimates, and
  • Sustainable reuse of debris for construction fills.


Maximizing Value: A Multidisciplinary Approach

To maximize cost effectiveness, we design geotechnical assessments using research from a combination of resources, including:

  • USGS maps
  • Soil conservation service maps
  • Aerial photographs
  • Geological reconnaissance
  • Topographical surveys
  • Interviews to evaluate historical activities
  • Our team’s significant experience in the region, and
  • Focused investigation, sampling, and analyses.


We focus on identifying direct data needs and don't obtain data without a specific purpose. 

Based on our experience with wide-ranging natural and man-made construction materials, we assess special handling requirements and the potential reusability and value of available geologic materials. We have prepared numerous Beneficial Use Determinations in Massachusetts, and successfully promoted material reuse in other New England states by returning potential waste products to valuable use.


Material Reuse and Sustainability

Material reuse is highly compatible with sustainability goals when you can avoid:

  • Off-site disposal trucking
  • On-site importation of material
  • Mining of a natural site, and/or
  • Usurping valuable landfill air space.


Each of these conditions represents significant carbon footprint reduction and in some cases, may require input from our in-house environmental engineers for material reuse and disposal.

GeoInsight commonly prepares documents to assist with materials management, including:

  • Soil Management Plans
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Dewatering Design
  • Water Treatment and Discharge
  • Dust Control Plans, and
  • Environmental Protection Plans.

GeoInsight can evaluate, map, and monitor existing foundation damage, identify the likely cause, and recommend a remedial solution. Because we are familiar with numerous remedial techniques, we re-establish proper foundation support by underpinning, pressure grouting, jacking, and reconstruction. Our high degree of familiarity with construction techniques and standards of practice allows us to render opinions regarding whether proper construction was performed in the first place for your structure.

GeoInsight staff members have provided litigation support and expert witness services for claims regarding foundation and building damage related to ground settlement, impacts, defective construction, hydrostatic forces, and blasting and construction vibrations. GeoInsight is experienced in cost-effective methods of evaluating conditions through research, non-destructive testing, and intrusive investigation, which allow us to obtain defensible information that supports our opinions and aids in your cost recovery. Of significant importance, we are skilled at presenting highly-technical information in an easily-understandable manner.

Typically, before initiating excavation, we survey heavy machine and rock blasting vibration, existing site conditions, and the condition of existing foundations to document their stability. Evidence of existing cracks, seepage, deflections, and settlement are typically described in a log, photographed and/or catalogued. GeoInsight can monitor features of concern prior to, during, and following blasting or construction activities, documenting potential impacts from the adjacent construction work.


In the case of blasting activities, we conduct monitoring of ground water supply well-quality and yield pre- and post-blasting to assess the potential for impacts to the bedrock fracture systems from blast energy and/or infiltration of blasting explosive chemical residues. In conjunction with the planning for blasting or construction that might include significant vibration, we can prepare Blasting Plans, construction sequencing, and mitigation methods. We also provide vibration monitoring to record actual ground vibrations occurring at or near sensitive structures.

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