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Geotechnical Engineering with the Experience to Know What Works

For years, architects, structural and civil engineers, municipalities, contractors, developers, insurers, and homeowners have relied on GeoInsight to provide geotechnical engineering, geotechnical analysis, investigations, and consulting services for their projects. Our team of engineers and environmental consultants will evaluate proposed or existing construction sites, buildings, foundations, retaining walls, and other structures that interact with soil, rock, and ground water.

“Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change

without notice.” -Will Durant


Your Team of Geotechnical Experts

GeoInsight’s staff has been providing practical geotechnical consulting services throughout New England for more than twenty years, and at thousands of different sites. Our multi-disciplined expertise is founded on direct involvement in the investigation and interpretation of a wide variety of site and subsurface conditions, enabling our engineers, geologists, and hydrogeologists to consult in a multitude of scenarios including:

  • Landfill design and evaluation
  • Pre-construction surveys
  • Construction oversight and excavations
  • Large high rise complexes
  • Deep and shallow foundation scenarios
  • Existing foundations
  • Slopes and retaining walls
  • Solar developments 
  • Field and laboratory testing of soils and other construction materials
  • Ground water control systems, and
  • Small residential structures.


Our staff members continually bolster their knowledge of new technologies and building code changes, and are active members of geotechnical and geological professional societies. These experiential, educational, and professional commitments give you access to the most current methods and technologies the industry has to offer.


Protecting Your Project’s Schedule and Budget

Our substantial knowledge and familiarity with the complex subsurface conditions common to New England enables us to properly plan and implement efficient subsurface investigation programs. We often provide geotechnical consulting as a logical and cost-effective addition to our environmental and remedial design capabilities and we commonly conduct concurrent services on a site, saving you time and money. We can manage all of your geotechnical and environmental engineering needs below ground.


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GeoInsight, Inc. provides geotechnical engineering services throughout the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, and New York.

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